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Zeta is an exclusive NFT Alpha Community for members to discover and secure profitable projects with our Minting Bot, Project Analysis, 24/7 Support & more all available at launch.

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3000 Supply

Available at mint:

  • Zeta ETH Minting Bot

  • Zeta Community Access

  • Investment Analysis

  • Real-Time Mint Tracking

  • Release Calendar

  • 1 Year Access (until May-23)

  • Guaranteed Access for 2023/24



333 Supply

Everything included in Annual Pass Plus:

  • Lifetime Community & Tools Access

  • Extremely Limited Supply

  • Exclusive Pass Artwork

Wave #1 Mint

Reserved for Founders Pass Allow List holders

11th May 2pm UK / 3pm CET / 9am ET / 6am PT
48 hours duration

Wave #2 Mint

Reserved for Allow List holders

13th May 3pm UK / 4pm CET / 10am ET / 7am PT
24 hours duration

Wave #3 Mint

Reserved for Public Raffle Winners

14th May 4pm UK / 5pm CET / 11am ET / 8am PT
6 hours duration

Wave #4 Mint

Public Sale, open to all

14th May 11pm UK / 12am CET / 6pm ET / 3pm PT










NFT Project Analysis

Zeta analyses NFT projects and highlights those we believe are worth investing in along with the data and reasoning behind a recommendation, saving members time.

Our team of analysts are full time on collecting hard-to-find qualitative & quantitive NFT project data so members can focus their time elsewhere. Our analysis always covers the essential project criteria leading to zero blind spots and better quality member decisions.

With access to the best third party analytics tools alongside our in-house engineering team, members always have access to the most accurate data-backed recommendations.

Zeta constantly monitors the NFT & crypto markets and consequently update our analysis weekly to ensure our buy & sell recommendations remain relevant and that members know the best time to sell in order to maximise profits.

Read Our WoW Investment Call


Discover profitable NFTs before they release

Members have access to a curated feed of upcoming NFT collections and Zeta’s opinion on each project with estimated profit and a risk scores so they can focus their attention on projects that are more likely to be profitable.

With a Zeta Pass, you will know precisely when and where each NFT release is happening online and exactly how to purchase the collection with step by step instructions.

We cover every important release globally on all notable blockchains such as ETH, ADA, SOL and more.


Example data shown above

See what’s minting in real time

Browse all the NFT projects that are currently minting in real time and see which are minting the fastest within various intervals. This makes it harder for members to miss stealth releases and the most popular projects which could prove to be most profitable.


Zeta Minting Bot

Mint Faster & Automatically

Increases your chances of minting by going directly through the smart contract as soon as a mint is live on the Ethereum blockchain, instead of websites which can be much slower and often freeze.


Setup Tasks Directly from the Release Calendar

Auto populate the information needed to run bot tasks directly from the Zeta release calendar and save time. All available information is collected by our analyst team so members don’t need to review smart contracts to find the correct mint function for example which can be complicated and take some time.


Example data shown above

And more available at launch...

Run Multiple Tasks from Multiple Wallets

Manage and import wallets all from within the Zeta Bot.


Multiple Gas Modes

Easily setup tasks to use either a custom Gas figure or the currently recommended rapid price.


Detailed Setup Guides

Step by step instructions and a dedicated support team means you will be ready to mint quickly.


Release Guides

Our analyst team put together detailed guides daily for each upcoming release that contain all the information members need to mint.


Community Insights

Get access to other members’ insights so you can spend more time on other areas of your individual research.


24/7 Live Support

Got a question about analysis, bot or something else? Reach out to us on Discord and we will get back to you immediately.




We’ve been working together in collectibles for the past 6 years. We previously built and scaled a marketplace for sneakers which raised $10M from top investors and did more than $20M in sales. In 2021 we scaled our sneaker education platform Secured to $3.1M in annual recurring revenue before switching focus to NFTs.

Jack Ryder

Jack Ryder

Cofounder & CEO

Sam Howarth

Sam Howarth

Cofounder, COO & Partnerships

Rory Ingles

Rory Ingles

Director of Research

Cezar Grigore

Cezar Grigore


Costas Apostolopoulos

Costas Apostolopoulos

Product Team Lead

Nikita Grishin

Nikita Grishin

Senior Software Engineer

Andrey Los

Andrey Los

Senior Software Engineer

Oliver Huish

Oliver Huish

Senior Software Engineer

Marcin Suchorski

Marcin Suchorski

Senior Software Engineer


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Kevin Lin

Cofounder Twitch

Kevin Lin

Jason Yeh

Cofounder & GP Patron.xyz

Jason Yeh

Paul Bucheit

GMail Creator

Paul Bucheit


May 2022

Mint Live

All features listed above will be live and available to Holders immediately after Minting.

Q3 2022

Analytics / Reveal Calendar / Bot Secondary Marketplaces Support / Bulk Bidding / Free Avatar NFT Airdrop for holders / Allow List Partnerships

Q4 2022

Whale Tracking / Rarity Ranking / Wallet Profiling / Multiple Blockchain Bot Support (Solana etc.)

Early 2023

Portfolio Analysis (Multiple wallets across multiple blockchains) / News Aggregator / ETH Project Launchpad


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